Summer 2017 Events Calendar (618 KB PDF)

10:00 am—4:00 pm
All Plants are supplied from local growers
Native Trees & Shrubs; Native Perennials; Herbs
Annuals & Hanging Baskets
Limited Number of Plants Available


A monthly year-long series of workshops
$65 (Members $50) per Workshop
6 participants per workshop ~ Adults Only
Pre-registration Required

The Tool Maker

Sunday June 18  ~  10:00 am—3:00 pm

 Camp Life

Now, well into the green season, food is plentiful and the weather is balanced.  We can focus on upcoming harvests by fashioning tools, preparing camp and utilizing passive food harvesting techniques. Utilizing what nature provides, we’ll begin construction of a long-term shelter as well as various implements for camp life.  Most of the day’s activities will be centered around camp and working on projects but as usual we will take time to forage some newly emerging wild edibles. As always, you should expect to get dirty.

Bring snacks, a good sharp non-serrated knife for carving 4 to 5-inch blade, small note book, side bag for gathering (medium purse size) water, Peterson Field Guild to Edible Plants, Eastern/Central America, garden clippers

Edible plants: green brier, basswood, rosebuds, pine pollen, thistle, milkweed, nettles, spiderwort, burdock, sorrels, lamb’s quarters, mint, mayapples

Tools and gathering: shoots for fish traps and berry baskets, bark for lashings, saplings for structure, stone for camp axe and maul

Skills: stone tool production, basic basket weaving, shelter building and passive fishing (demo only)



MOONLIGHT WALK – July 7 ~ 9:00 pm -NO FEE Buck Moon, the male deer, bucks, begin to develop antlers. Join us as we travel the trails in moonlight.

MOONLIGHT WALK – August 9 ~ 9:00 pm -NO FEE Join us as we travel the trails in moonlight.
BAT BONANZA – July 28 ~ 8:30 pm -NO FEE PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED limited number of participantsAre they still around? What makes them different from many other mammals? What are some of their great adaptations?

Join us to discover some way cool facts about these misunderstood creatures. Nocturnal and hungry! Let’s discover where they may be.
This is a very popular evening event, please call to register or go online to register.